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A blog by Archi-Dinamica Architects, LLC. Our firm provides architectural services for the design, planning, and support of residential and commercial projects. We assist  clients on

  • building code compliance
  • permitting
  • zoning regulations, variances & approvals
  • energy efficiency & passive solar design.
  • building cost analysis
  • historic district approvals

and how to get certainty on various aspects of the building process. Other services we offer are

  • design-build & project management for residential projects
  • value-engineering for projects
  • measurement of existing buildings & as-built drawings
  • distressed property reports :a listing of potential problems and suggested  retrofits.

We make recommendations for property improvements for maximum return on investment for businesses, developers, and real estate professionals.

The benefits of using our service include putting the technical aspects of the project into an understandable order of importance to help you decide whether or not to go ahead with the building project. Once you have the correct information in the precise order of importance, making decisions will be easier and the fewer surprises you will have. It can help you save money by selecting economical, durable & sustainable building systems and materials.

Our services are billed on an hourly basis plus expense of printing & engineering consultants or a fixed fee depending on the complexity of the project.

Our firm is licensed to practice architecture in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida with reciprocity in all states.

We specialize in preparing designs & plans for historic properties, custom homes, spec houses, home renovations & additions, commercial and retail projects . In addition to providing architectural services, we also provide construction management on residential projects.

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